At Water Damage Services & Restoration LLC. we take a time-tested and systematic approach to damage restoration. Our process varies depending on the type of damage your home or business has sustained, as well as the extent of damage that has occurred.

Our technicians have hands-on, professional training and experience in a range of services.

Our Services

  • Water Damage

    Water damage, whether it’s caused by a relatively small pipe leak or a major storm or flood, needs to be addressed quickly. If allowed to continue, water damage can lead to a variety of additional issues, such as mold growth and structural damage. We will respond immediately to limit the damage as much as possible.

  • Fire Damage

    A fire is a devastating event—and one that requires professional fire cleanup, restoration, and repairs. Our services vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage, and it includes removal of smoke, smell as well as any water damage that has happened due to fire


    We have helped thousands of victims of flood and storm damage throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Our team is equipped to restore properties of all sizes racked by all degrees of damage.

  • Mold

    The water damage can lead to mold. After all, excessive dampness is one of the prime factors in mold growth. It can cause various health issues. With a step-by-step process, the mold is removed, remediated, and cleared off the surroundings.

  • Sewage

    A sewage spill or backup is one of the most unpleasant things a home or business owner can deal with. It can lead to bacteria and virus growth. Prevention is better than cure any day. We offer comprehensive sewage cleanup and resolve all your concerns.

  • Right Action Plan

    We’ll build the right action plan for your situation and guide you through every part of the process as we work to restore your property. Using the latest technology, ServiceMaster Restore experts will remove the water and repair the damage quickly.

  • Bio-Hazard & Crime Scene Clean Up

    Being exposed to any chemical contaminants can cause potential hazardous health issues. Our technicians are trained with the latest technology to remove any biohazard material.

    After police have wrapped up a crime scene, the cleaning can start. Blood and contaminants can cause health risks. Our technicians at Water Damage and Restoration Services LLC. are trained and ready to help with the cleanup.